How a brand will please buzzers

To appeal to Gen Z, brands use popular memes or viral videos in their ad campaigns. However, often these attempts to keep up with the times end in failure – advertising is inappropriate, and young people roll their eyes.

MIT Sloan Management Review experts call this the kringe factor (the word krinzh is Englishism, which is close in meaning to the expression “Spanish shame”). They say this effect should be avoided.

It is more difficult to please the zoomers than the representatives of the older generations, because no one before them had so much control over the media space. They grew up in a world of accessible internet, mobile technology and social media. Buzzers not only consume content en masse, but create it as well. And those who are gaining popularity become new stars for young people. And this should be used in your marketing campaigns, experts say.

And the results of a study by the American National Retail Federation and the IBM Business Value Institute suggest that brand loyalty to buzzers will grow as they get older and get higher over time.

To appeal to Generation Z, experts from the MIT Sloan Management Review suggest the following four rules when designing marketing campaigns:

  1. Engage fellow buzzers in marketing. They best understand the interests, trends and values ​​of the target audience.
  2. Be relevant. If a company plans to launch ads only after a couple of months, it should not use references to memes and viral videos that everyone is talking about now.
  3. Collaborate with bloggers. But only with those who share the brand’s values. Advertising done in collaboration with them will be relevant and likely to be successful.
  4. Encourage the personality of bloggers promoting a brand. They know better how to communicate with buzzers and how to make ads like the audience.

In general, there is nothing special about this approach. Essentially, experts remind that brands need to understand their audience well.

“To get a consumer interested, you have to think like a consumer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boomer or a buzzer. Oftentimes, hype memes are simply misinterpreted or used in the wrong context, which is why it causes facepalms. Zoomer is easy to catch if you know his priorities, life principles and preferences. This is no different from the usual marketing – it is necessary to study and work out the interests of the target audience, ”says Maxim Oganov, founder of the Internet marketing agency Oganov.Digital.

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