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high quality article

How to write always remarkable high-quality article + Checklist Points

It is easy to imagine how high the competition is now among editors, copywriters and authors. A quality article is the main tool of any online publication. The audience chooses text materials for convenience and accessibility, preferring information content and an interesting approach. Let’s figure out how to write quality text – check your article against our checklists. General nuances of … Read more

How to create unique content

How to create unique content that ranks and best sells

The uniqueness of the text is an indicator that indicates the absence of duplicates of this text on the Internet. The result is displayed as a percentage, and if a similar material is found, the number will be underestimated. Search engines can analyze articles and search for plagiarism. If you come across material that was previously published on other … Read more

Top 3 copywriting trends of the 2021 you CANNOT miss

If I got paid every time I write an article about copywriting trends, then I would definitely be homeless between the tracks – this is so little useful business. But today I will try to tell you about three things that are obviously gaining momentum and will soon whistle from every iron. It’s the same with … Read more

Do Copywriting Mistakes will make you learn buddy

The selection of a digital director’s team largely depends on the product itself and its Customer Journey. It’s one thing when a company physically produces a product and needs to be told about it in digital channels. And it is completely different when we talk about an online product: then the department dealing with product development falls into … Read more

Copywriting checklist to make sure nobody will ready your copy ever

1 Make sure you don’t understand the audience and their pain If you are writing an article, do it for yourself and on your own. Any sane person already understands what worries cat food buyers, air freight users, and oil pump engineers. Well, as a last resort, you can quickly search the Internet and see what they … Read more

How to write a blog article in flashcards?

What is it all about? There is a popular article format – “cards”. It was first popularized by the American portal Vox, and then picked up by Meduza. Readers love it very much for its simplicity and clarity, so many authors try to write flashcards. But not everyone succeeds. Why doesn’t it work? Because most card writers don’t … Read more