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15# Marketing Neuromarketing explains why your customers don’t buy

By now you know that texts are a fundamental pillar in your marketing strategy, but it is not a pillar that can support the full weight of your brand’s success or failure. You have created a product or service because you are aware of the need that needs to be covered. That is, there is … Read more

How Neurocopywriting avoids you these 13 fatal common writing mistakes

#14 How Neurocopywriting avoids you these 13 fatal common writing mistakes

In this chapter we are going to see some aspects that you should improve in your texts. I have only added the most relevant ones accompanied by examples, to make their application easier for you. A. Commas, enemies of fluency I love how one of the chapters book begins Where goes the coma of Fernando … Read more

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13# How to optimize content with neurocopywriting and logical arguments

The reason why you choose to put that coin into that homless’s pocket instead of the other one’s is that the first just was bigger than the second one’s A homeless person asks for money in a busy street. In front of him he holds a sign with the words “I need help, I’m blind.” … Read more

power of words

4# The power of words and the mirror neuron mechanism in neurocopywriting

Let’s step a bit back to our brain. What is it made of? The word “neurons” may have come to mind. But do you know exactly what they are? I remember drawing them in Biology class as sparking suns, or using the word in phrases like “You are missing some neurons!”, But I knew very … Read more

5# Ginevra’s case: how a copywriting email can change your life and career

The Ginevra’s case preface I recently had an atypical consulting client. Her name was Ginevra and she was commercial. He needed my services to pass the trial period in his new job. I say it was “atypical” because I usually get hired by business owners or communication experts, so I was surprised that someone needed … Read more

messenger chatbot

Segment your audience or burn it out: The art of Messenger Chatbot

In an interview, Victorm, founder of the most widely used marketing-free chat and messaging automation app in Russia, talked about: how to distinguish info-gypsy messaging marketing from healthy messaging; why today no one answers a call from an unknown number and what to do about it; what success stories has it had (mail opening rate … Read more

Neuromarketing Example

3# The ultimate Copywriting Neuromarketing Example: Fran 2 min selling time

The experiment that I am going to tell you is real and happened in the summer of 2018. I share an office with other entrepreneurs and in July Fran arrived, owner of an online store based on both dropshipping as in direct sale. When he found out that I was dedicated to copywriting with neuro-sales … Read more

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18 evergreen rules to write remarkable copywriting headlines

A perfect and catchy headline is the key to the success of your ad campaign. It is he who determines whether a potential customer will remain on your page or go to competitors. These 8 rules are great for: creating texts in contextual advertising preparing posts on social networks choosing a subject line for e-mail marketing. To … Read more