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emotions in writing

How to use neuromarketing to evocate emotions in writing

Hello friends! How to use neuromarketing to evocate emotions in writing? Let’s break this down! šŸ˜€ How to excite the consumer’s sleepy brain and make him want toĀ buy your product? The great copywriter Gary Bentensvenga claims that people buy because of the need for love, fear of embarrassment, desire to feel important, desire to look … Read more

landing page copy

NeuroMarketing Best Practices to make your landing page copy compelling

In this fresh new blog post you’re going to discover the best ever NeuroMarketing Best Practices to make your landing page copy compelling. Are you ready!? GO! šŸ™‚ Are you annoyed with laughing offscreen on TV shows and sitcoms?Ā Probably yes. And not only you. Social psychology professor Robert Cialdini writes in The Psychology of Influence : Phonograms of laughter, … Read more

The Ultimate NeuroMarketing guide to master copywriting in advertising

Hello neuro Copy friends! Ready for this SUPER SUPER SUPER HOT The Ultimate NeuroMarketing guide to master copywriting in advertising?! LET’S GO! ? ? Today you will get anotherĀ copywritingĀ lesson! If you look at the Russian advertising market, then 95% of copywriters make the same mistakes due to ignorance of the basic principles of copywriting: – … Read more

landing page checklist

The Ultimate Landing Page Checklist to validate its benefits

Recently we looked at the legendary model of advertising message writing –Ā AIDAĀ , or rather, the features of its use on landing pages.Ā As we remember, key and additionalĀ decision-making factorsĀ are covered by well-formedĀ benefits. Imagine a situation: your headphones broke and you decided to buy new ones.Ā  You enter the corresponding query into the search, open one of … Read more

What is Landing Page Conversion Rate and how to increase it with neuro copywriting

What is Landing Page Conversion Rate and how to increase it with neuro

Today we’ll talk about how different groups of potential customers make purchasing decisions and how to satisfy their interests.Ā  How to correctlyĀ formulate a proposalĀ when you bring a new product to the market?Ā  And how to adjust your offer to get even more clients into a well-established business?Ā  How to predict their desires without guessing at … Read more

How to improve copywriting? 6 proven ways to easily do it

We have become frequent with local useful materials and news and have not broadcast about more fundamental things for a long time. For example, about copywriting. At least about our favorite benefits and USP, remember the harsh minutes of school lessons in the Russian language and, of course, dilute everything with examples, examples and more examples. … Read more

ecommerce copywriting

Neuromarketing Tricks and hacks to optimize your Ecommerce Copywriting

Today we’ll talk about how to make your product pages clear and user-friendly.  Driving traffic to your website is only half the battle. This is a daunting task in and of itself, but much more needs to be done in order for you to truly increase sales. Take a moment to put yourself in the user’s … Read more

sales funnel copywriting

What is sales funnel copywriting and how it works on each phase

A fulfilled sales plan is one of the most pleasant and objective indicators of a company’s good work. Agree that not only the client department has been involved in this process for a long time.  As practice shows, content is an important component of marketing activities. Yandex.Va with new rules for issuing search queries, content collection services, … Read more

Copywriting Guide

The Ultimate Personal Notes Carreer Copywriting Guide

What is copywriting?Ā This copywriting guide will tell you everything about this. Copywriting is the art and science of writing copy (words used on web pages, advertisements, materials, etc.) that sell your product or service and convince potential customers to take action.Ā In many ways, copywriting can be compared to hiring a sales person to speak to … Read more

high quality article

How to write always remarkable high-quality article + Checklist Points

It is easy to imagine how high the competition is now among editors, copywriters and authors. A quality article is the main tool of any online publication. The audience chooses text materials for convenience and accessibility, preferring information content and an interesting approach. Let’s figure out how to write quality text – check your article against our checklists. General nuances of … Read more