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Top 3 copywriting trends of the 2021 you CANNOT miss

If I got paid every time I write an article about copywriting trends, then I would definitely be homeless between the tracks – this is so little useful business. But today I will try to tell you about three things that are obviously gaining momentum and will soon whistle from every iron. It’s the same with … Read more

Do Copywriting Mistakes will make you learn buddy

The selection of a digital director’s team largely depends on the product itself and its Customer Journey. It’s one thing when a company physically produces a product and needs to be told about it in digital channels. And it is completely different when we talk about an online product: then the department dealing with product development falls into … Read more

Copywriting checklist to make sure nobody will ready your copy ever

1 Make sure you don’t understand the audience and their pain If you are writing an article, do it for yourself and on your own. Any sane person already understands what worries cat food buyers, air freight users, and oil pump engineers. Well, as a last resort, you can quickly search the Internet and see what they … Read more

Why COVID officially killed old marketing that doesn’t work

A retelling of an article from the Unbounce platform website “ Conversion Intelligence – The New Era of Marketing ”. In one sentence, the meaning of the material can be summarized as follows: a business of any size will not survive if it does not start introducing artificial intelligence into marketing right now. Without AI, it will be ruined … Read more

How will work when Elon Musk will make possible

Did you know that advertisement on space offered by Elon Musk will not be visible frm earth? Elon Musk’s SpaceX has partnered with Canadian startup Geometric Energy Corporation. In 2022, they plan to start broadcasting ads on the CubeSat satellite, writes Business Insider. The device is currently in development. On the one hand, the satellite will have a built-in … Read more

How to write copywriting that works as evergreen content

American analytics service BuzzSumo and SEO blog Backlinko analyzed 3.6 billion “evergreen” pages. They did it using the algorithms of the service – its mechanism is similar to Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica. The goal of the study is to learn how to create content that will drive traffic from search and social media for years. The result was a set of guidelines: … Read more

How the AD industry is changing: the Facebook version

The trend is user-generated content and the maximum use of digital technologies. Facebook’s creative team believes that the pandemic has pushed brands to accelerate digitalization, leading to innovative ways to use social media and run advertising campaigns. One of the trends is the collaboration of brands with bloggers who help create content. Such advertising works better than the … Read more