Content and SEO: how to use copy to improve Google Ranking

What texts does a website need to advance in search and be above the competition? The short answer is: high quality. The problem is that by the phrase “quality text” search engines can mean one thing, business owners – another, and copywriters who write these very texts – the third.

In this article, we – together with the Rookee service – will figure out what content should be on the site so that it will appeal to search engines and users and contribute to the growth of positions in the search results.

How texts affect site positions

When promoting a site in search engines, specialists carry out a number of works: they eliminate technical errors, improve the structure of the resource and, of course, think over the content. It is impossible to improve your rankings without high-quality content.

Content affects:

  • behavioral factors. Useful and interesting texts attract users. As a result, visitors spend more time on the site, add pages to bookmarks, and return to the resource more often. For search engines, this is a signal: “The site is liked by visitors, which means that you need to show it in the search results more often”;
  • getting links. The better the content, the more often it is referenced: it is shared on social networks, mentioned on other sites, forums and blogs. Search engines take into account such links and, as a result, rank the site higher;
  • income. The content directly affects the traffic of the resource, and the traffic – on the earnings. Information portals can generate income from advertising that users will see on the site, and online stores can lead visitors to product pages and thus increase sales.

How to use texts in promotion

To create texts that will attract visitors and rank well in search engines, you need to understand the principles of content promotion. There are two parts to working with content.

Work on the site

Starting with the textual optimization of a resource, a specialist selects keywords that correspond to the topic of the site. The main keywords fall into the semantic core and then are divided into groups.

For these groups of keywords, you will need to create texts and place them on the pages of the site.

This is not the end of the work with content. The key to success is regularity. You will have to post new publications constantly. Search engines will understand that the site is changing, new information appears, and they will index it more often.

Working with external sites

Updating the texts on the site will give results, but it may take six months or more to see the effect of the text promotion. Working with external sites will help speed up the process. The essence of such work is as follows – you prepare texts for other resources, and they post them with links to your site (paid, free, by barter or through link exchanges).

Placing texts on donor resources gives several advantages at once:

  • you get links that search engines take into account when ranking;
  • thanks to good texts, you increase awareness and get transitions from the posted links to your resource.

Quality texts: what does it mean from the point of view of search engines

Search engines have special requirements for the quality of content. But what does the word “quality” mean from the point of view of search engines? This is a specific set of characteristics that the text must correspond to.

  • UniquenessIf you copy someone else’s text and post it, it won’t give you any growth in the SERP. Both users and search engines value originality.
  • Utility. 
  • Google recommends thinking about what the user will get when they come to your site. It is not worth placing text just for the sake of content on the pages.
  • Meaning. Search engines do not index or rank highly automatically generated texts or texts with low quality automatic translations. The text should be informative and structured, the less “water” in the content, the better.
  • No spam. Spam, from the point of view of search engines, is not only a large amount of advertising, but also an oversaturation of the text with keywords. Panda algorithms from Google and “Baden-Baden” from
  • Google monitor overspam in texts and can lower the position of both individual pages and the entire site.
  • No errors. This is often forgotten, but search engines look at spelling and punctuation. If there are too many errors in the text, such a page will most likely not appear in the search results.

How to check the quality of the text

The low quality of the texts leads to the fact that the site is poorly ranked by search engines and does not grow at all in the search results. To assess how well your texts are and whether you need to make any edits to them, you can use special services. Below are a few popular tools that SEO professionals and copywriters use to check the quality of their copy.

  • . Measures the uniqueness of the text, checks spelling, as well as water content and spam.
  • “Turgenev” . The service identifies the risk of falling under “Baden-Baden”, finds stylistic errors.
  • Advego . The content exchange offers a number of tools with which you can check texts for plagiarism and rewriting, estimate the density of keywords, and find spelling errors.
  • Arsenkin tools . A set of tools that allow you to check sites for re-optimization and draw up technical specifications for copywriters.

What is the bottom line

It is impossible to promote a website on the Internet without high-quality texts. Text optimization of a resource is one of the most difficult and important components of SEO. But in order to see the result – the growth of the site’s positions in the search results, the increase in traffic and conversion – you need to understand what content visitors to the resource and search engines want to see.

Users appreciate useful, interesting, original content with few ads and no keyword spam. The same requirements apply to texts on sites and search engines.

Search engines take into account quality texts. It is important to be useful to the target audience, post relevant and interesting content and not forget about reviews and beautiful photos. If you haven’t updated the content on your site for a long time, it’s time to do it. Rookee can help with auditing, TOR creation and writing .

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