6 evergreen copywriting ideas to promote your website

In this article, we’ll go over some helpful content marketing tips. Have you thought about driving traffic to your website for free? If so, then you probably already have a blog or want to start one.

Do you already know what users are interested in, how to attract them to the site and build trust in your company?

We offer 6 content topics that will always be relevant! You can easily interpret them for any area of ​​business.

1. Instructions “How to do …”

People do not like to read the operating instructions for the goods, but in the process of use they may have questions. 

When was the last time you read the instructions for your toaster? 

Today, if a user has a question, he is looking for an answer on the Internet. Give users the ability to get answers on your site. 

Pay attention to the Frequently Asked Questions page or, if you have a blog, write articles with the entry of the keyword in the title. 

For example, your company is an acquiring company. You can create an article on the topic “How to connect acquiring“ company name ”.

Google’s Algorithm uses FAQs, Questions, and other popular topics as part of its Knowledge Graph. If you are lucky, you can take first place in this coveted spot.

Figure 1. Google knowledge graph for the query “How to connect acquiring”

See what people are looking for on the web and you can find your niche audience, satisfy their curiosity and provide some helpful tips for using your product.

2. A beginner’s guide

Before you can convince someone you know advanced things, get started with 101 Beginner Guides. This is a great example for driving organic traffic to your website. To get started, you can create an infographic of product usage or the process of getting your service.

There are many free services for creating infographics.

For example, Canva.

3. Detailed manual / guide

Real experts are always looking for the most reliable guides backed up by statistics, ratings or research data.

You can use alternative terms in article titles:

  • A basic guide to …
  • The Complete Guide to …
  • Guide to …
  • Guide to …
  • Everything you need to know about …

It is always recommended to back up informative manuals with statistics. Use data from reputable sources, confirm the legality and accuracy of information. Let the user know that you have taken the time to conduct research, form opinions and conclusions. 

Show your expertise and that you truly understand this area of ​​expertise.

We provide statistics not only in articles, but also on landing pages in order to confirm the data and close the user’s objections. For example, statistics closes the objection “I don’t know anything about you”, then we show that the company has tremendous experience:

“We have legalized more than 2,879 transactions in real estate since 2009”,

below we give infographics, successful cases and company certificates.

Conduct unique research and reflect the results on your blog. This will help you get traffic not only from search queries, but also from backlinks. Other sites may indicate your resource as a source of information, which, moreover, causes additional trust on the part of the user in you.

4. Personal stories and personal experiences

Personal stories may not be important elements of keyword-driven website promotion, but they are a valuable addition to any blog.

By sharing personal stories, you show the degree of openness of the business and give readers the opportunity to connect with your business, which helps to strengthen the bond with the brand.

Stories and personal experiences elicit an emotional response from the reader that encourages them to keep reading your blog.

Figure 3. An example of a personal story in the “Convert Monster” blog post

The article also uses an element of curiosity. Look at the headline: “Daily Campaign Optimization (AC) or Typical Morning at ConvertMonster.” It uses a key query and intrigue for those interested in the “inner workings” of our agency.

5. Product reviews

Reviewing products and services is another great way to drive traffic to your site. Product reviews are not only a reliable online resource to drive traffic, but they are also a source of income for bloggers. 

If you want to instantly monetize your blog, this is a smart move.

Make sure you carve your niche as this provides the best platform for trust and experience.

If you choose to check products regularly, create a flow of such posts so your readers know what to expect.

Start by reviewing the product and explain what it does. Then you can discuss specifications and other details. Indicate the price and where you can buy it.

The review should have some form of a list of pros and cons, and you can also show which people or areas of activity the product is suitable for.

6. Exposing myths

Every industry has facts and fiction, which is why MythBusters has become so popular. What are some common misconceptions in your industry or niche? 

Make a list and then use it to create a really engaging post for your audience.

Approach such an article with the intention of providing as much useful and practical information as possible.


Does your business lack positioning and user trust?

  • Be an open company, share useful content with your audience, show your expertise with a blog.

Do you know the interests of your audience well?

  • Leverage organic traffic and test new customer acquisition channels.

Use these ideas to design blog themes and encourage users to become your regular customers.

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