How to use neuromarketing to evocate emotions in writing

Hello friends! How to use neuromarketing to evocate emotions in writing? Let’s break this down! 😀

How to excite the consumer’s sleepy brain and make him want to buy your product?

The great copywriter Gary Bentensvenga claims that people buy because of the need for love, fear of embarrassment, desire to feel important, desire to look attractive, thirst for power, longing for romance, need for security, fear of the unknown, dreams of increasing self-esteem.

People buy emotions don’t buy products.

How to evoke an emotional response from a customer?

Let’s talk about this.

Do you also use these stamps in sales texts?

Many authors equate an emotional text with a text with a large number of adjectives.
Warm support, a warm welcome, a lively response, an exciting image – these phrases have not worried anyone for a long time.

These are speech stamps.

Due to the super frequent use, the consciousness perceives them as “white noise”. Simply put, it ignores.

Puzzling over what to give your mother-in-law for the anniversary? Are you afraid to make a depressing impression on her and make big trouble ?
Give her a tour of Jurassic Park!
This unforgettable journey guarantees your second mom a lot of vivid impressions that she desperately needs .
She will love the intimate atmosphere of the park, and you will receive warm words of gratitude.
Tour to Jurassic Park is the bestseller and is extremely popular with our clients . Take advantage of this unique opportunity
buy a one-way ticket with 80% discount at a record low price .
The centuries-old traditions of the travel agency “One way ticket” are a guarantee of the highest level of travel organization!
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Speech stamps are like escort girls.
If you have problems finding a quality “companion”, you can rent it 🙂 Stamps are great for any text and eliminate the need to search for exact expressions.

For example, the phrase “the rapid growth of income will take you to sky-high heights” can be “invited” to develop a sales text for sales managers training, and for a booklet for a betting agency. Convenient, right?

A pathway to the subconscious of your customer

The ancient philosopher Helvetius asked why variety and surprise in speech turns is required.
He believed that clichés dull attention. And when attention is scattered, ideas and images make a faint impression on us.

Use trails to shake the shopper.

A trail is a symbol that is used figuratively and is created using words, phrases and images.

Trail in the selling text:

  • Attracts attention
  • Contributes to the achievement of emotional expression
  • Allows you to redirect information bypassing consciousness
  • Helps to anchor the product image deeply in the customer’s mind

Types of trails. Delicious “filling” for the selling text

Types of trails

Not all trails are created equal.
Some of them are so often used that they themselves have long been cliches. The more unusual the trail, the better it will be remembered.

Who else wants sexy lips clad in tight vinyl?

Metaphor is the most powerful type of trope.
Metaphorical assessment is available to anyone. Even for those who know nothing about the product and its properties. In this case, the metaphor can be interpreted by the buyer so broadly that in the end he becomes, as it were, a co-author of the advertising image.
Simply put, he convinces himself 🙂

How do you create a metaphor?

  1. We take what needs to be portrayed (for example, sensual shine as the main characteristic of lip gloss).
  2. We are looking for an object that already has this quality in the minds of customers (a sexy girl in shiny tight clothes – like Britney Spears, remember?). And voila!

Metaphor from Dior Addict Gloss: “Innovation of the complex of absolutely varnish gloss – the combination of“ varnished ”color with a volume effect. Sexy lips as if clad in tight vinyl. “

Figuratively? Yes. Do you remember? Of course! Want to buy? Judging by the fact that Dior’s revenues in 2013 amounted to 971 million euros and continue to grow – yes.

Examples of metaphors in advertising texts

Juicy Rouge – Long-lasting wet lips effect. Appetizing color, fresh and sparkling. A real delight: melting raspberry sweetness, moisturizing and delicate texture. For shining and inviting lips (Lancome)
Green wave of freshness for a long day and a crazy night (men’s deodorant 8×4)
A poem of love written in letters of wind on ocean waves (Faberlic)
Golden frame for your sensual femininity (Faberlic)

The entire ad text can also be metaphorical.

For example:

Once the gods got angry and divided one whole into two halves – a man and a woman. And now they wander in the light in search of each other.
Gai Mattiolo creates a new pair perfume That’s Amore! Tattoo in the hope that the halves can meet. Notes of female and male eau de toilette unrestrainedly strive for each other and mix with irresistible passion, never to part.
Orange and mandarin make up an exhilarating citrus duo, ginger and basil blend into a spicy composition, courageous sage embraces sensual vanilla.
One bottle is only a part of the heart. This becomes clear when both are put together. Likewise, fragrances – they sound louder when together, and they shout about their love without hesitation.

As usual, the truth is out there …

Trails in the selling text can and should be used. They enliven the text, stimulate the imagination of the buyer, help to make dry information interesting, and complex – understandable.

And in the end they lead to a purchase.

However, if you completely replace the usual phrases with unusual expressions, the text will resemble a bicycle with square wheels and a handlebar bolted to the trunk. Original, but what’s the point?

In addition, even familiar phrases can sound uninterrupted due to unexpected context.

An example is an advertisement for the “Warm Welcome” tariff from Megafon.

The word “reception” is associated not only with a meeting, but also with a cellular signal. Therefore, the epithet “warm” is not perceived as a cliché.

Thanks to the context, the hackneyed phrases “icy calm” and “perfect couple” are invigorating and well remembered.

Another point to keep in mind is the target audience. Imagine the face of the General Director of Stroygazconsulting reading a commercial proposal in the following style:

Using our viscous slurry concrete will reduce your company’s costs by 16%

Such an offer will only work if the financial benefit outweighs the vendor’s “crazy”.

The main conclusion about How to use neuromarketing to evocate emotions in writing

When trying to find a path to the subconscious of your buyer, it is important to remember that the selling copy must sell. This is his main goal. Otherwise, you run the risk of playing with the images and conjuring up a picture like this in the mind of the buyer 🙂

Clever and adequate selling texts for you!

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