Handwritten fonts outperform machine fonts

They should be used in the design of hedonic products.

Fonts can influence the perception of buyers – the marketing publication Ariyh writes about this . This conclusion was reached as a result of laboratory and online experiments. Experts have found out how fonts on packaging affect customer engagement and satisfaction. According to the researchers, the mechanism works the same everywhere: that is, it is also relevant when designing advertisements or product cards on websites, as well as when creating application designs.

The researchers concluded that the use of handwritten fonts has a positive effect on sales. This is especially true for the so-called hedonic products – these include food, scented candles, as well as products from the categories “Fashion” and “Impressions”. Such inscriptions are perceived more naturally and cause a positive emotional reaction. For example, chocolate with a handwritten font is more likely to be bought when compared to machine type – 17.2% versus 3.4%.

Photo: Ariyh

But with functional goods, everything is different. These include, for example, mosquito repellent or building materials. Experts have found that typeface is associated with reliability and economy, as well as professionalism.

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