How to write always remarkable high-quality article + Checklist Points

It is easy to imagine how high the competition is now among editors, copywriters and authors. A quality article is the main tool of any online publication. The audience chooses text materials for convenience and accessibility, preferring information content and an interesting approach.

Let’s figure out how to write quality text – check your article against our checklists.

General nuances of a quality article

No matter how creative the approach to writing the text is, the article should have a structure and be readable. To ensure that your reader does not leave after a minute of reading, check the following points:

  • Having a structure . We recall term papers, diplomas and abstracts: introduction, topic disclosure, actualization and conclusion. Despite the “everydayness” of such requirements, they really work. Any reader is pleased to understand from the very beginning what awaits him in the article, and smoothly move from one part of the text to another.
  • The presence of headings, subheadings, paragraphs and lists . Nobody likes a sheet of text – highlight transitions of topics, important nuances, number lists where it is relevant and do not forget about indentation. Your text will be pleasant and understandable to read.

A sheet of text is inconvenient;

  • Don’t neglect images . Illustrating text is an easy but important task. Returning to the concept of “sheets of text” – dilute your article with pictures and infographics. It is especially good if the images illustrate what the text says.
  • Contents . This is true for long reads or articles on complex topics. Make content at the beginning of the article with active links to the desired paragraph.
  • Match the topic and content of the article . The topic is given not only for clickbait, but also in order to reveal it in the article. The reader does not have to search for the necessary information among creatives and advertisements.
  • Use the same style throughout your text . Don’t start officially, but end up “good luck bro.” Try to stick to your chosen writing style throughout the article.
  • Don’t forget about examples . Especially if your text disposes of it. Difficult technical topics, debriefing or instructions are best accompanied by case studies and real-life examples.

If your text has passed all the general rules, let’s move on!

Relevance and audience

Relevance of the topic and hitting the audience are important factors when writing and publishing an article. Check if you have taken everything into account to achieve these goals?

  • Check out the topic via Wordstat . The easiest and most useful assistant for any author. Try several variations of the topic, analyze popular queries and edit the topic based on the analysis (but do not forget about matching the topic and the content of the article).
  • Use Wordstat analysis on subheadings . A topic is a concise and short format for the main title. In subheadings, you can use other relevant user queries that fit your topic.

Analyze Wordstat

  • Check out the comments on other articles . This is a very important tool when choosing a theme. If your readers have specific questions and needs, use that for the topics of your articles.
  • Look at your competitors . If a competitor with a related or similar audience has popular articles, you can use those topics for your blog or website. The main thing is not to copy, but to write your own unique text.
  • Ask . Feedback is a great and effective tool. Ask your subscribers on social networks what they are interested in reading about, arrange a vote on a blog or newsletter – use your capabilities and work with the audience.
  • Identify your main audience and feel free to write in their language . Making an article popular and relevant to a narrow audience is much better than making a generalized article on a complex topic and not reaching any audience. For example, if the readers of your article are programmers , do not be afraid to use technical terms, examples and programming language. 
  • Check out the trends . To do this, you can look at communication in thematic communities, analyze the market for your topic and chat with colleagues. Do not forget that your audience is the same people who follow trends and are interested in new products.
  • Communicate . Of course, there are topics where the official style of address is a mandatory rule. If you have the opportunity to choose your own approach, we advise you to be closer to the conversational style. Now, more than ever, it is important to be closer to your audience – talk, ask questions and respond to comments.

Technical checklist

Interesting text, beautiful pictures and the right approach are not the only important points when preparing an article. Check the technical points required for good writing:

  • Image captions . For clarity and indexing.
  • Title, description . When placing on the site, these points must be spelled out.

We register Title and description.

  • Add tags . They also need to be registered – contact SEO specialists or do it yourself if you really know how to do it.
  • Yandex and Google indexing . Do not forget to send your article for indexing.
  • Spelling mistakes and water . On you can check your text for errors and the presence of water – it is better to follow this before publishing.
  • Clean html . This applies to articles that are published through the html editor. Make sure that no errors and unnecessary tags are included in the code.

So, the text is almost ready, and the “Publish” button is waiting in the wings. Let’s think about what else you can add to a good article?

A few more useful tricks

It’s good when the article is pleasant to read. Ideally – when it is bookmarked and you want to reread it. What can be done for this? (just recall that all actions must correspond to the given topic of your text)

  • Add a unique tool . Whether it’s a space bar for Instagram (⠀- here it is, if anything) or a technical piece of code that can be copied. Get people to use your article as a tool.

An article with a secret space on Instagram stays in the first lines of the search thanks to a unique tool.

  • Make an interesting or helpful list . For example, a list of books or movies on a topic. With such a point, the opportunity to get into the user’s bookmarks grows significantly.
  • Add unique screenshots or infographics . Just be sure to sign them on the picture itself – so the user (even if he just saves the desired picture) will not forget where he found the useful information.
  • Add a file that you can download . For example, if you are writing about well-designed prices, add a button to download a successful example of a full-fledged price list. 
  • Add links to helpful tools . The same principle works here as with the list of interesting books and films on the topic – the chance to be bookmarked grows several times.

Writing an interesting, relevant and high-quality article is not as easy as it seems at first glance. What do you think is important when preparing a good text?

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