How to create unique content that ranks and best sells

The uniqueness of the text is an indicator that indicates the absence of duplicates of this text on the Internet. The result is displayed as a percentage, and if a similar material is found, the number will be underestimated. Search engines can analyze articles and search for plagiarism. If you come across material that was previously published on other sites, then search engines can exclude the promoted page from the search results. To prevent this from happening, you need to write an interesting original text. Before publishing an article, you should use the Antiplagiat service.

Why is it important to write unique articles?

When a user visits the pages of an Internet publication, he hopes to find out new information. Therefore, if instead he comes across old content that was copied from another source, the user will be unhappy and most likely leave the resource. 

On the Internet, a situation is quite common when site owners use special programs to take other people’s posts and publish them. As a result, it turns out that part of the web resource is filled with articles that have been plagiarized from other sources.

Copying other people’s texts has several disadvantages.

  1. There is a possibility that the information taken from other sources has already been met by the visitor. If so, then the reader will simply close the page and continue their search on the Internet. As a result, this will negatively affect the behavioral factor. 
  2. Plagiarism excludes the possibility of getting to the top. Search engines index material written from scratch without using someone else’s content. To find out if a match exists on the Internet, you need to check the text for uniqueness. It is done using online resources, as described below. It is important to know that the copied text will not participate in the promotion.

How does a text check for uniqueness work?

There are two algorithms for checking the originality of the text, shingle and correlation. The anti-plagiarism program works using one of them.

Shingle – reveals the similarity of text fragments with other resources. The step-by-step process of work looks like this.

  1. First of all, all stop words, punctuation marks, interjections, water words, particles, conjunctions and other elements are removed from the text.
  2. After text has been cleared of stop words, the rest is split into fragments of a certain length, which are called shingles.
  3. The phrases specified in the settings are compiled, they will be used for search engines. As a result, when making a request, the algorithm selects many pages, and it will work with them, display the percentage of uniqueness. 
  4. On the pages obtained, the algorithm searches for the occurrence of shingles, the creators of the anti-plagiarism program keep the work of their system secret, but some points are still known. In the analysis, the first three words are taken and checked for similarity, then three more words will be selected, only this time from the second to the fourth, the next from the third to the fifth, and so on. 

The quality depends on the size of one shingle, if it is 5-6 words, then you can get a unique article by changing a small part of the text. The smaller the shingle size, the more fixes you have to make. Below is a table showing different services. 

The correlation algorithm differs from the previous one in that the verification is done by meaning.

If you managed to check the text for uniqueness, what percentage is considered the norm?

  1. 90-100% good text written in your own words
  1. 70-80% is above average. Some ideas were borrowed from other sites (for example, lists and tables were copied without changing the content)
  2. 50-60 – medium text. Some interesting ideas were borrowed from other sites, but they were not seriously revised.
  3. 0-10 – in this case, you have to forget about the top of the search results. The copying method is used only when you need to quickly fill the site. Usually it is rarely used. In the event that customers stay as long as possible. Let’s say an author writes ten interesting articles and adds more non-unique ones, so the website looks full and visitors linger longer, as they go to other articles through internal links.

When writing small texts, it is better not to use copied paragraphs from other sites, as the originality will drop to 10%. 

Search engine algorithm

There are several ways to get unique seo content, the first is to write yourself, the second is to make a translation from an English source, the third is to use the finished author’s work, modify it and receive a rewrite. A post written in your own words has an advantage, since Yandex and Google have their own page evaluation algorithm, it allows you to check the text for uniqueness not only by paragraphs, but also by meaning, i.e. “semantic uniqueness” is assessed. 

If you try to change some points, and leave the main idea unchanged, then the search engines will still understand where the duplicates are and are unlikely to promote the site to high positions, even if all “antiplagiarists” put 100%.

Information portals are at great risk of being pessimized, since SEO articles are mainly written by drawing information from a certain Internet resource. Some sentences are added without much change, which is why, subsequently, duplicate text blocks appear, which can impede progress. 

To avoid such problems, it is recommended to choose information from several sources at once.

Evaluation of semantic originality is of two types.

Assessor – there is a check for additional material and the authority of the page is assessed. This procedure is performed by a person, not a search engine.

Linguistic Analysis – scans the page and analyzes for phrases that are more common in the text. Upon completion, if no match was found, then the seo content is considered original. 

What to do to make the text like the PS? Write more extensively than other authors. Quite often, many site owners do not consider it necessary to decipher many terms, if an abbreviation is present, it is recommended to decipher and define it. Search engines evaluate not only the quality of writing, but also the volume. The number of characters can play a key role in the promotion. When indexing, the PS takes into account the number of letters, the machine determines the seo-text, and if it detects more volume than the competitors, then the topic is fully disclosed, and you need to move the page to the top. 

Uniqueness checker programs

Many aspiring bloggers ask a question. How to increase the uniqueness of the text yourself ? First of all, you need to find a suitable resource that can compare the written post with other pages on the network and identify their similarities. All sites are free. Let’s list the most popular ones. 

# 1. Advego Plugiatus 

A resource that has a list of useful tools. Knows how to do the following: analyze the  uniqueness of the text online, as well as perform semantic analysis, learn the ICS of the site and other functions. 

Advego uses two algorithms – the shingle method and lexical comparisons. The web service has all the basic settings you need to check pages.  

Features of Advego.

  1. Two analysis options – fast and complete
  2. There are two anti-captchas – Advego and Antigate
  3. It is allowed to choose any search engine – Yandex, Google and others.
  4. Show the result in several variations at once for words and phrases. Two algorithms are launched simultaneously.
  5. Built-in function to ignore the specified url. Convenient when you need to modify an already indexed material.

No. 2.

A popular service among copywriters who checks the uniqueness of the text online . When you enter, you are prompted to create an account. For registered users, skip-the-line check is provided. If the visitor has the status of a guest, then you will have to wait until the turn comes up. After verification, the result will be shown. 

On the Internet, you can find reviews of other authors, some praise her for her ability to detect rewrites, others, on the contrary, scold that the system is difficult to please and new restrictions constantly appear that complicate the work. For example, a new limitation has been added that allows you to check only 15,000 characters per day, previously it was about 50,000. So, without registration, the functionality will be significantly limited.


1. There are no advanced settings, which makes it easier to learn the interface.

2. After verification, a link is generated that can be sent to another person or published in social media. Networks.

3. There is protection against thieves, when you can be sure of the originality of the article, then at the end you can take the banner code and place it on your website, the example below.

4. The client gets the opportunity to add his request to the queue and not wait. The process will run automatically and the result will be shown. 

5. The service works online without a program, it is enough to activate the check in the browser and wait for the result.

# 3. Content Watch

In its work, it resembles the previous one, it also analyzes pages on the Internet and shows the percentage, in the case of a non-unique post, a link to the source site will appear. Then you can try to rewrite everything in your own words. 

Content watch has a number of features. 

  1. Each client is provided with a daily, free 10,000 character verification. Then you have to register or buy a tariff plan
  2. Buying a package expands the limits and allows you to do more checks per day, there is also a history showing how much the service was used per month. 
  3.  Analysis of pages of other websites in batch mode is available. 

The tariff plan provides several options for 270, 490 and 990 rubles. The number of checks per month depends on the price. Here you can check from 100 to 2000 pages per month. For authors who make one publication every day, the starting option is suitable.   

Which of the listed options to choose is up to the user. After completing the test, we look at the statistics, if there are matches on the Internet, you need to do the corrections of words and sentences. How to increase the uniqueness of the text yourself, read below.   

If you need to check an essay or term paper, then Antiplagiat University is suitable in this case. Teachers use this system to search for similar coursework to see if the student himself wrote or borrowed from someone else. The principle of operation differs from others, instead of Internet sites, the algorithm connects to the system database and checks for plagiarism there. 

How do I make my text unique?

The publication should be written in your own words, while copying entire paragraphs from other sources should be avoided, as you can get a lower percentage, especially when the number of characters in the post does not exceed 3000 or 4000. If you borrow a paragraph and add a small seo text , then in this way you can lose 10-15% at once. Of course, provided that the other part is written in your own words, and not taken from other sources. 

The material found on the Internet can be rewritten, replacing words in your own way and thus increase originality, but as a result, quality may suffer. When composing a text, it is often necessary to select synonyms in order to achieve uniqueness, and it is even required to change words in places, as a result of which you can get difficult to read, in order to avoid this, you need to adhere to some recommendations. Now let ‘s figure out how to uniqueize the text.

1. If you are an expert in some field, write everything in your own words.  

2. Use multiple sources for writing. The most effective way to increase quality and preserve meaning is to study several pages in the search results and write everything in your own words, so the meaning remains and reduces the likelihood of plagiarism on the web.

3. Translation – suitable for those who know a foreign language. Here you need to make a high-quality translation and publish it on the site. “Antiplagiarists” do not take into account translations and show statistics of 100%. Many large portals do just that, they are engaged in translations, so if it turns out that the borrowed material is not unique, it means that someone has already translated it.

4. Rewrite – how to increase the uniqueness of the text for free? here you need to choose a topic on the Internet about what to write about, make changes so that the percentage reaches 90-100 and publish it online on your resource. 

Of course, there is a lot of work to be done to get high-quality, unrepeatable content. To do this, follow several recommendations, 

  • try to replace nouns with synonyms, 
  • read the entire sentence and rephrase it in your own words.
  • Difficult texts are the hardest to edit. For example, a medical topic, where there are special terms. When there is a listing, the authors make the list. Here you should edit, depending on the design, if the listing is separated by commas, then it is appropriate to use numbered or bulleted lists, when the words are formatted as lists, then do the opposite, list them using a comma. 
  • Make pictures from tables. If the article contains tables with terms that cannot be edited, then for a high-quality rewriting it is recommended to turn the tables into pictures. This is done using the PrintScreen button. The resulting frame needs to be edited, cut off the excess space and saved in jpg format. For convenience, you can use a program that can take screenshots. For example, LightShot is suitable, when you click on PrtSc, a capture will take place and the user needs to select the area that needs to be saved with the mouse, say a table, then select the option “Save (CTRL + S)” and Copy (CTRL + C).

Also, to enhance the uniqueness, some complex sentences can be saved as a picture. For example, a description of complex terms. We make a table in Word from several fields and save the copied paragraphs there, and then take a screenshot and place the picture on the site. 

Of course, the number of characters in the seo text will become less, but the empty space can be filled by writing a few paragraphs.

  • Synonymizer – how to increase the uniqueness of the text for free ? For this, there is a special service that changes text blocks, picking words by meaning. The principle of operation is the following, insert the paragraph you want to change into the field and click send, the nouns will be replaced with suitable synonyms. There are many resources on the Internet that can do this, one of the most popular is After using online-sinonim, the result will be displayed below. The main parameters are shown in the screenshot below. 

The resource is great for quickly getting synonyms for an entire paragraph, but significant editing is required, since the words are poorly chosen in meaning. Originality depends on the complexity of the seo text, some words may not have suitable synonyms. 

How to raise the uniqueness of the text? With the help of a special anti-plagiarism program. Using it, you can analyze the document and identify problem areas in sentences and paragraphs. What is the best anti-plagiarism? To answer this question, you should test the online service separately and find the one that suits you. The most popular programs that are really capable of giving hints on how to increase the uniqueness of the text are Advego, and Content Watch. Most authors still prefer, as it has a more intuitive interface and there are no additional settings that complicate the study of the tool. 

The basic rules for obtaining high-quality text – write in your own words, use synonyms, if editing is impossible due to complexity in terms, add pictures instead of a paragraph. Difficult to find a suitable replacement? Use a search engine or special program to find synonyms. By adhering to these recommendations, you will get unique text without duplicates.

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