9 tips to creating content for an Informational Website

The first information sites appeared over 25 years ago. At first, these were news portals, online magazines, and they were created to obtain the most necessary information. Nobody thought at that time that it was possible to earn money on the sites. Now there are millions of them for every taste, but the most important thing is that it has become possible to advance on the Internet and earn money through information sites.

But to make money, you need quality content. After all, if the content is not interesting and original, visitors will not come to the site, there will be no traffic, as well as money. Let’s understand what an information site is and how to make content for information sites correctly.

What are information sites and what they are

An information site is an Internet resource on which informational materials are posted. The main goal of such a site is to reveal the topic and satisfy the reader’s need for the desired content.

Websites can be of two types:

  1. Thematic – dedicated to one specific topic, for example, cooking, sports, fishing, gardening.
  2. Portal sites – unlike thematic sites, they can be devoted to several topics and, as a rule, they have a more complex structure.

How to monetize your website

There are a huge number of ways to monetize a site, here, as they say, who is good at what. You can connect contextual advertising, post banners and teasers on the site, make advertising integrations in articles and videos, set up push notifications, make money on links, but! If the content on the site is bad, then no one will come to it, respectively, there will be no traffic – there will be no money. Therefore, when filling the site, it is worth paying a lot of attention to the content.

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9 Tips: How to Make Content for Info Sites Correctly

Let’s immediately consider a certain situation in order to build on it in the future: the customer has given you a rather vague TOR – to write 10 articles about fishing and spice it up with keys. The main thing is that it is easy to read, it is useful to users and the order of the articles is logical. About fishing rods, equipment, fishing spots, and then, copywriter, figure it out yourself. And it should be a high-quality copyright with high uniqueness. What should you do in this case?

Tip # 1: Study the subject, analyze your competitors

Let’s say you already know something about fishing, but you still cannot distinguish a perch from a crucian carp, and a fishing rod from a spinning rod is so even more so. To write 10 articles on fishing, you need details and a deep dive into the topic. To find all this, look at the competitors: what they write, what articles are most liked and commented on by their users, what tricks are used in the articles. Using such methods, you will not lose face and show your expertise to the customer, and he, in turn, can turn to you again and increase the level of remuneration.

You can find competitors by main queries in the top search results of browsers, and there are also special services, for example, keys.so , where you can find not only competitors’ sites, but also the main search queries and other useful things that will help you later in writing your articles …

Tip # 2: Prepare content themes in advance according to user requests

Do you remember that you have not one article, but several? Think over the topics in advance, make a content plan, see if the articles look harmonious in this regard. The site does not need texts for the sake of texts, they will not bring traffic. A person should become interested in articles and eagerly move from one to another.

If the customer has already defined the topics for the articles, try to link them together as logically as possible. If the topics are vague and there is no exact terms of reference, start from the beginning. Reveal general topics gradually. You should not cross an article about drilling a hole for winter fishing and an article about equipment for summer fishing, a person will not find a connection in them and will go to where all the articles are on the shelves. Also pay attention to seasonality. You shouldn’t write about summer fishing in winter and vice versa.

Tip # 3: Stick to the customer’s specification, but do not forget to add your expertise

You are lucky if the customer has set a cool and understandable technical specification, follow it and then the client will be satisfied. But in our example, the customer does not yet know what he wants. The only thing he knows is fishing content that will bring customers to the site. Be proactive, offer your solutions, topics, expertise gained through analysis. The customer is not a king and a god, and may not understand fishing at all, so your analysis of this niche and experience can be much more useful than the customer’s TOR curve. If your text is slender, logical and the customer appreciates it, this is a plus in your piggy bank and an increase in your rating.

Tip # 4: Minimizing water, meaningfulness, uniqueness, quality

4 whales that keep 50% of the article’s success. There is no need to explain much here. The text must be of high quality and unique at least 80%, otherwise search engines will index it poorly. Also, search engines do not like rewriting. You can check the text for all parameters on semrush.com for water, spaminess, etc.

And there is also the Glavred service, which will show whether what you have written is readable. Get rid of unnecessary introductory words, epithets, clericalisms, add more specifics and remember: a long text is not always good. To get the title of a literate copywriter, you need to be really literate.

Tip # 5: Convert Text to Numbers

People get tired of reading solid text, numbers speak much better. Tell us about the cost of the tackle, the weight of the fish that can be caught with these tackles, give the biting statistics for a certain tackle. Give people a metric to help them choose their gear. In general, less text, more statistics! If the text is unreadable, the customer will send it for revision and next time he will think whether it is worth contacting you, but you need it?

Tip # 6: Optimize your text

So we got to SEO. To promote a site to the top of the search engine results, you need to optimize it for user requests. Take another look at case.so: what key queries do users use to find competitors’ sites? Choose the top ones and carefully write them into your texts. Just don’t spam. It is clear that this will not replace the full-fledged work of a SEO specialist, but you are not a SEO specialist, but a copywriter, you do not have to collect a semantic core and tons of keys. You optimize the text, and this is already a plus in your piggy bank.

Tip # 7: pack your content beautifully

Nobody will read the sheet of the text to the end. To catch the reader’s attention, you need to put down anchors: headings, indents, callouts, memes, photos – in general, everything that will make the page of the site readable and beautiful, and will allow the reader’s attention to be drawn to your article. What is a fishing site without photos of fish, tackle and beautiful fish spots? Illustrate the text. Then in the reviews they will speak of you not only as a good copywriter, but also as a person who can complete an article without any designers.

Tip # 8: Use legitimate images for your website

So that the site is not blocked, and you are not punished with a ruble after that, use original photos or pictures from the Pixabay , Pexels photo stocks , which can be bought or downloaded for free. You can also create original memes through memetic service (it even works ad a mobile iPhone app). Well, or the option to sign the author of the picture is also fine if you find him on the Internet, of course.

Tip # 9: Wrote an article – think about whether it completed its task?

You wrote articles, everything is great. Now ask yourself a series of questions: Are the articles achieving their goal or not? Is there something in there that should catch the reader? How have you benefited? Did you manage to adhere to the TK? Is the logic of the narrative slender? Is the design beautiful?

If you answered “YES” to all the questions, feel free to send it to the site owner, he will definitely like it. What does it mean? This means that your rating in the eyes of the customer is already one level higher, payment in the future can also grow and as a bonus you become the owner of cool cases that will help you find new customers.

What infuriates customers in copywriters

Let’s tell you what infuriates webmasters the most when they order articles from copywriters

Most of all copywriters, webmasters do not like it when a copywriter pours water in the text, writes an article without looking at the technical specification and does not understand the topic. Therefore, if you follow all the tips described above, any webmaster will definitely check out your work.


Website content is difficult. Writing product descriptions for an online store is much easier, but if you decide to move to the next level and get more money for your work, consider writing articles for websites. We hope our tips will help you in this difficult job, and sites with your content will reach the TOP!

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