Is Copywriting a good profession in 2021? Everything nobody’ll tell you

In the mass consciousness, copywriting is a profession for students, schoolchildren and mothers on maternity leave. In fact, there is space for career growth, its own specifics and requirements for performers.

This article will tell you how to become a copywriter and how much you can earn in this specialty.

Who is a copywriter

A copywriter is a person who creates copyright texts. Most often, these are commercial materials, although there are many options: these are advertising articles, and slogans, and descriptions of goods and services for online stores, and posts for social networks, and blog articles, and much more.

Not to be confused with a rewriter: this specialist remakes other people’s texts so that the level of their uniqueness for search engines is close to 95-100%. As a rule, his services cost less.

A good copywriter can boost sales, build trust with your readers, and improve your brand reputation. A bad copywriter just writes the text.

Anyone who is able to competently express their thoughts and learn new things can become a copywriter.

Good copywriting skills

When people think about how to become a copywriter, the following thoughts come to their minds:

“At school I wrote good essays and I know the grammar of the Russian language very well. This will help me find customers and become a good specialist. “

Alas, the days when it worked are long gone. In online business, companies exist in a highly competitive environment – and just a literate text is not enough to sell their services.

Now the profession has modernized, and a good copywriter needs to constantly improve his skills. Here are a few areas that a professional should understand:

  • SEO optimization. At least at the basic level, which is quite possible to master on your own – the selection and distribution of relevant keywords.
  • Multimedia. Infographics, images, tables – all this makes the text easier to read and makes it more attractive.
  • Analysis of target audience. For the text to work, the author must put himself in the place of the reader and answer the questions that the latter may have, be able to look for problems and propose ways to solve it.
  • Fundamentals of the psychology of advertising. The already mentioned ability to put yourself in the reader’s shoes, plus an understanding of which methods of influence work, and which ones are better reserved for another case.

Additional, related skills are also appreciated: for example, layout skills or creating landing pages. They are optional, but they can increase the prices of your services.

Communication with the customer and the team

Communication skills also play an important role in the work of a copywriter. Sometimes the customers themselves do not know what they want, and sometimes they formulate the terms of reference incorrectly and require deliberately bad work.

The customer cannot be blamed: you are a specialist, not he. It is in your power to explain to him why and how to do better. Of course, in the format of a recommendation, not a preachy.

Team management is a valuable skill for both copywriters and editors. Necessary:

  • make a list of tasks;
  • competently delegate responsibilities;
  • inform and teach;
  • if necessary, correct errors.

The effectiveness of the editorial office, whose leader knows how to maintain correct communication with the team and customers, increases several times. Take note of this.

Copywriter’s portfolio

Where to start a copywriter? From creating a portfolio. This is a selection of works that will recommend you as a talented specialist who knows how to solve business problems.

Ideally, in addition to single texts, the portfolio includes examples of entire projects with metrics. For example, a landing page and conversion rates after launch, or the number of clicks on a link “wrapped” in the text you write.

Sometimes copywriters take orders for free to create a portfolio. You should not do this: later it will be more difficult for you to set prices for your services.

Better to find alternative options. For example, students of the Netology course on commercial copywriting can use their thesis as a portfolio. It includes:

  • commercial article;
  • landing page ready to launch;
  • content project concept.

In the process of training, you can acquire the skills described above and hone them in practice.

Competition in copywriting and a shortage of professionals

We know what a copywriter does and what skills it is desirable to have. But what does the competition look like in this market?

In society (and among the authors themselves), a stereotype has formed that copywriting is simply crazy competition. There are a lot of specialists, there is also a lot of work, but there is not enough for everyone, therefore customers are free to sort out performers and set low prices for services.

This is partly true. On the average freelance exchange, there are hundreds of performers who are ready to write a text about rubble for the conditional 100 rubles, and among them the competition is really great.

But there are only a few good specialists. Customers willing to pay need an author who can create effective sales copy.

Specialists who know how to search and find reliable information and expert materials are worth their weight in gold. Literacy and the ability to put words into sentences is not enough for a long time.

If you invest in training and can catch the main trends, success is guaranteed. Such authors turn out to be head and shoulders above many of their colleagues from the stock exchange.

How much can a copywriter earn

A copywriter is a specialist whose earnings are calculated depending on the following factors:

  • professionalism, portfolio and additional services;
  • the site on which he works.

And the level of income is also influenced by the courage of the performer himself. There are good copywriters who start from the average market price and set low prices for their services.

A copywriter who works on the exchange can receive 20-30 thousand rubles a month (sometimes less). Famous and popular authors can charge the same amount for just one order.

On, the average salary of a copywriter in Moscow is 40-50 thousand rubles. There are vacancies with a monthly salary of up to 70-80 thousand rubles, depending on job responsibilities and the form of employment.

Niches for Authors

Authors can realize themselves in different niches. Here’s what copywriters can do:

  • work in social networks. It is closely related to SMM promotion: a specialist prepares a content plan, creates posts, selects images and tags for them.
  • company blogs. Blog articles are also written by copywriters. These are not exactly commercial texts, but the image of the entire site depends on how well they are presented.
  • advertising. Organization of advertising campaigns is a big niche. This can be preparing texts for ads, filling landing pages, scripts for commercials, etc.

There are specialists who write about everything, and there are those who specialize in a specific topic. For the latter, a special or higher education will be an advantage, because in specialized vacancies (for example, for a website dedicated to medicine) this is indicated as a separate requirement.

Employment of copywriters

A copywriter can work as a freelancer, constantly collaborating with different customers, or can get a job in one company. Both options are approximately equal in terms of both payment and workload.

Newcomers often look for orders on exchanges, but there they will have to face low salaries, high competition, and sometimes not quite adequate customers. More opportunities in this regard are given by recruiting platforms:, and the like. There are many well-paying jobs out there for copywriters, editors, and content managers.

Those who have already earned a name and reputation use word of mouth.

And finally, persistent professionals offer their services themselves, for example, on social networks. Analyzing the content of a potential customer, pointing out possible mistakes and helping to find ways to solve them, helped many find a job.

Copywriting is an interesting and profitable profession for those who spare no effort and time to learn and acquire new skills. Good specialists easily withstand the competition and can count on frequent orders.

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