The Ultimate Landing Page Checklist to validate its benefits

Recently we looked at the legendary model of advertising message writing – AIDA , or rather, the features of its use on landing pages. As we remember, key and additional decision-making factors are covered by well-formed benefits.

Imagine a situation: your headphones broke and you decided to buy new ones. 

You enter the corresponding query into the search, open one of the ads, and see beautiful headphones with the caption “impeccable sound”. Is it profitable? Undoubtedly. 

There is one “but”: before you buy these headphones, it would be nice to know if the sound is really that good and what parameters provide it. 

This can be sound detail, wire reliability, sound insulation, resistance, etc. That is, any specific benefit that the seller offers to the buyer of his product requires confirmation.

Product description

In order to confirm the benefits, you need to describe the promoted product in as much detail as possible. If this is a product, then you should indicate the physical parameters: color, size, shape, taste, smell, sound, weight, etc. Also, do not forget what is inside: components, technical characteristics, interaction results, statistical indicators about the product.

If this is a service, then it is necessary to describe the process in detail and clearly, reflect the result of its receipt. Let’s look at a few examples.

Example 1. Description of product specifications

Rice. 1. “Quality” cover (first screen)

On this landing page on the first screen, the manufacturer promises “to make a high-quality cover with your last name, first name, photo or favorite picture especially for you.” Expressing the benefits in such ambiguous and non-specific words (“quality”, “flawless”, “qualified”) is an initially risky step, therefore it always requires specific confirmation. For example, like this:

Rice. 2. Confirmation of the “quality” of the cover

Here we see specific advantages that make the case “quality”: direct UV printing technology, the latest Japanese equipment. The advantage of “the image is not rubbed or scratched” is also accompanied by the explanation: “thanks to the transparent varnish coating.” “Sharp picture, bright colors” is confirmed by the well-chosen photo of the case.

A similar approach should be used in the description of the service.

Example 2. Description of the service process

Rice. 3. The first screen of the subscription page (lie detector testing services)

In this example, a rare service is presented: a lie detector test. In the offer, the visitor is promised “to give an expert answer what the employees are hiding”. It is noteworthy that immediately in the subheading, the benefit is confirmed by the description of the company’s experience .

However, for many visitors, this argument is not enough: they want to understand how exactly this agency will get the person being tested to lay out the whole truth. Of course, the main target audience of this service is the heads of large companies , it was for them that the offer was developed. And all the more, a line about “50 years of research experience” is not enough for them. It was for them that the following block was developed:

Rice. 4. Confirmation of the declared benefit on the first screen

A very successful block with confirmation of “expertise”. Firstly, relevant comparisons and associations are used here : both in the title and in the description, special services are mentioned (Ministry of Internal Affairs, KGB, US Air Force). Are they not experts in detecting lies?

Secondly, there is a unique product – “SCANR technology for the first time in Russia!” Of course, the emphasis is placed on it, it is distinguished in the first place. It is also worth noting the mention of the now fashionable NLP technology . In general, there is plenty of evidence.

Company description

To justify the benefits, it is necessary to describe in detail the company / supplier itself . At the same time, you will simultaneously close the main objections of the visitor:
1) “How serious is this company?” – address, TIN, PSRN and other details;
2) “Does the company really exist?” – address, map, office photo;
3) “Can I trust you?” – work experience, achievements, reviews, company statistics, guarantees, certificates.

Example 3. Contact information

Rice. 5. Contacts and legal information

Nothing supernatural. The specified data confirms the existence of the company from a legal point of view , moreover, the indication of this data is necessary to place your page in Yandex.Catalog.

Example 4. Location map

Much more interesting is the other part of this block – the location map. See how our developers implemented it:

Rice. 6. Location map with video tour of the office

Unlike the standard set (Yandex.Maps widget (or Google Maps) + business card with an address), a video clip with a video tour of the company’s office is attached here . This rather unusual move literally takes the visitor to the office. An ideal solution for confirming the real existence of a company.

Example 5. Closing objections. Block with clients and partners

Rice. 7. Block “Our clients / partners”

Let’s start by looking at a typical customer / partner block. In such a block, it is desirable to use the logos of really famous customers . This example suits us perfectly: the Department of Culture of the city of Moscow, the Russian Post, the Morton Group of Companies are clients who are not a sin to boast of.

Example 6. Block with certificates and licenses

Rice. 8. Block “Certificates and Licenses”

Another classic way to prove your worth is certificates and licenses . The more you have, the better. Here, the established stereotypes come to our aid: “if the product is in accordance with GOST, it can be used.” People trust seals with signatures, often without even reading the document. In the given example, such certificates are complete, due to the specifics of the product.

Example 7. Block with guarantees

Rice. 9. Block “Guarantees”

A successful block with guarantees is the perfect way to close the popular objection “Why can you be trusted?” … If the consumer is worried that everything will be done longer than what is declared, the guarantee of the timing will close the doubt. Fear of equipment breakdown – equipment warranty up to 3 years. Plus insurance for installation work for 6 million rubles. It is noteworthy that all guarantees are supported by numbers, this concretizes promises and has a positive effect on customer confidence.

Thus, the visitor immediately gets answers to a lot of questions about the product . And most importantly, these answers prove the truth of the claimed benefits and inspire confidence .


1) Stating specific benefits on your signature page is a very important part of copywritingProof of benefits is an equally important part of it.

2) The best confirmation of the benefits would be detailed product information. If this is a product, then its physical characteristics, technical parameters, and components should be indicated. If a service, you need to describe in detail its process, reflect the result of its use.

3) The description of the company also serves as a confirmation of the benefits. At the same time, it covers the main consumer objections. The indication of the legal information of the company, a map of the road, a description of work experience, guarantees and certificates – all these elements have a positive effect on the trust of visitors.

PS Proof of benefits is not always accompanied by figures, statistics and other accurate information. Sometimes it may well be sweet, tender and literally melt in your mouth …

Rice. 10. Delicious “confirmation” of the benefits

Enjoy your conversions!

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