NeuroMarketing Best Practices to make your landing page copy compelling

In this fresh new blog post you’re going to discover the best ever NeuroMarketing Best Practices to make your landing page copy compelling. Are you ready!? GO! ūüôā

Are you annoyed with laughing offscreen on TV shows and sitcoms? Probably yes.

And not only you.

Social psychology professor Robert Cialdini writes in The Psychology of Influence :

Phonograms of laughter, often used on television, did not cause anything but irritation in the test subjects. The people I interviewed hated tape-recorded laughter. They thought he was stupid and fake.

However, research shows that laughing off-screen makes the audience laugh longer and more often. Including those people who speak negatively about the use of laughter.

Our reactions are controlled by the subconscious. Even if we act, in our opinion, logically and reasonably, the decision is made under the influence of unconscious or semi-conscious factors.

Cialdini calls them¬†instruments of influence.¬†And today we’re going to talk about how to use these tools in sales copy.

Are stereotypes evil? Or‚Ķ

“Man is also an animal.”

In the words of Lenochka, the heroine of the famous comedy by Eldar Ryazanov, in fact, there is nothing funny.

Animals have rigid patterns of behavior. 

For example, mating games or building a dwelling.¬†These sequences of actions resemble a certain automatic (like ‚Äúclick – buzz!‚ÄĚ) Response of people.

This mechanism allows a person to¬†quickly make the right decision¬†without carefully analyzing all the information.¬†The chain is started with a single piece of information that acts as a trigger.¬†It’s called a¬†trigger.

Stereotypical thinking has a huge plus: it allows the individual to¬†save time,¬†energy¬†and¬†mental potential.¬†And this is good.¬†If we carefully analyzed all the incoming information, our brain would have exploded long ago like a steam boiler ūüôā

As you can see, stereotypes are indispensable. They help us survive.

But there is also a downside.

Magic Flute of Influence

The disadvantage of patterns is obvious: you can send a  person the right signal and get a beneficial response. Moreover, in reality, the signal sent may be a bluff.

Imagine a beggar. An unkempt man who claims that he has fallen behind the Moscow-Magadan train and desperately needs your 20 rubles. What are his chances of receiving financial assistance from you?

Most likely, you won’t even take the headphones out of your ears ūüôā

Now imagine a different situation. A girl asks for help. A beautiful neatly dressed little girl. She says that my mother is seriously ill and for your 20 rubles she will buy bread and milk.

Click – buzzed!

It is much more difficult to turn away from such eyes indifferently.

In fact, the girl may be the daughter of the aforementioned man. And the real purpose of fundraising is buying vodka and cigarettes. You understand this, but the hand against the will reaches into the pocket for a change.

There are two instruments of influence at work here: benevolence and social proof.

Let’s find out what they are and how to use them¬†to increase landing page conversions¬†.

Weapon of influence # 1. Benevolence

What is the essence

People unconsciously associate a person’s physical attractiveness with the presence of positive inner qualities. Beautiful people are considered kind, smart and decent.

Of course, this does not always correspond to reality. However, nice people are more liked by others, they are more convincing, they are trusted and more willing to help. This is a scientifically proven fact.

How to use

If you use images of people on the landing page, make the most of them. Avoid faces that can cause negative reactions from the prospect and scare them away.


The face that repels


More or less attractive to the user


Fully disposes

Chip number 1. Images need to be tested. Not all nice faces are created equal.

Chip number 2. Looking towards the opt-in form increases conversions.

Weapon of influence # 2. Contrast principle

What is the essence

A person makes a decision based on the difference between things or events that follow each other. For example, if we first lift a light object and then a heavy one, then we will judge the second object as heavier than if we lifted it without first trying to lift the light one.

This weapon of influence has two killer advantages: it works flawlessly in any situation and is virtually undetectable.

How to use

In the absence of additional information, a potential client may not buy a really high-quality item just because the price does not seem high to him.

Cheap means poor quality. (Click – buzzed!)

Let him compare!

Place an expensive product next to it and the product that we initially placed a bet on will immediately acquire value in the eyes of the buyer.

Compare expensive and cheap products

Compare expensive and cheap offers

By offering an expensive product, we increase the likelihood that a person will buy a product that we really want to sell, because in contrast, it will seem more profitable to him.

Weapon of influence 3. Authority

What is the essence

People trust authorities, willingly follow their advice or do as they do. This saves time and energy. The role of authority is played by show business stars, politicians (without stains on their reputation), scientists, prominent public figures, doctors, journalists, representatives of large companies.

How to use

Use this influencer in your headlines, Testimonials, and Our Clients. Potential buyers will be impressed by the sonorous names.

Elena Lyadova has thousands of fans who appreciate her opinion.

For a specific target audience, headline conversion:

“Three Easy Ways to Relieve Headaches” and

“Three ways that Elena Malysheva uses when she has a headache”

will differ several times.

Authorities are believed because they have received a certain role that triggers established mechanisms in the minds of people.

Logos of clients of the studio Artemy Lebedev

If you have a review by Yuri Shevchuk, a letter of thanks from Alexey Miller, or you have collaborated with the RBC TV channel, do not hesitate to declare it.

Weapon of influence # 4. Deficit

What is the essence

Anything that will soon become less affordable gains special value for the buyer. Awareness of the need to compete for scarce resources is an excellent motivating factor.

How to use

Organize a shortage on your landing page:  limited or time limit.  A limited number of products and services will spur buyers. 

Booking knows how to spur a potential customer – as many as three restrictions on one card.

Important! The scarcity has to be honest. If you said that plush cats at the price of 997 rubles will run out in 3 days – it should be so. Be sure – if a client comes to you in 4 days and sees the same inscription, he will not return to you again.

Instruments of Influence # 5. Social proof

What is the essence

The person thinks what the majority is doing is right. When we are not sure of our decision, we do ‚Äúlike everyone else‚ÄĚ. Following the generally accepted rules allows you not to think about and save time and energy.

How to use

Social proof is a powerful technique that offers tremendous opportunities to influence a potential client. Use them!

Social proof trigger on Booking

 2/3 of the page of copywriter Harry Benstiveng consists of reviews from eminent colleagues and representatives of large customer companies (social proof + authority).

Remember – there are never too many good reviews ūüôā

Highrise did an interesting experiment by posting testimonial photos of their smiling customers on the home page.

Important! Psychologists at Columbia University have found a limiting factor for the principle of social proof. We focus on the actions of others only when we consider these others to be like us.

This is why it is important to post real testimonials and photographs on the page that the potential client can easily identify with.


  1. A person is characterized by automatic (stereotypical) behavior. It is a chain of sequential actions that is triggered by one piece of information – a trigger.
  2. Automatic behavior is regulated by the subconscious. Even if a person is sure that he is acting logically, in fact, he makes a decision under the influence of unconscious or semi-conscious factors.
  3. Stereotypical behavior helps to make the right decision without carefully analyzing all the information. Thus, a person saves time and energy.
  4. By knowing a person’s response to a particular incentive, we can predict a shopper’s behavior on the landing page and lead them to a purchase faster using the instruments of influence: benevolence, contrast, authority, scarcity, and social proof.
  5. When applying the aforementioned techniques, it should be remembered that the selling text is not a gypsy woman whose goal is to rip off the client to the bone. He must first of all solve the client’s problem and help make a profitable purchase. Therefore, use the techniques of influence carefully and to the benefit of your client.

Convincing and honest selling texts to you!

Robert Cialdini is a professor of psychology at the University of Arizona at Temple, an expert in experimental and social psychology.

The material of the book “Psychology of Influence” is based on the results of scientifically grounded psychological research.

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