5 ineffective landing page headlines that never work

Today we will talk about copywriting again. Quality and tasty. And what distinguishes a landing page you don’t want to leave from a regular one. We’ll give you a checklist that illustrates the 5 ineffective landing page headlines that never work.

I will tell you how, within the framework of a given landing page structure, you can and should stand out without inventing a bike. And I will show this using the example of a single block.

So what no landing page is without now? 

That’s right – without a block on the benefits of a company or product. Everyone wants to talk about how good their company is and how wonderful its statistics are. However, in 90% of cases, this block is drawn up incorrectly. What does it mean? It just doesn’t catch on. No matter how cool your indicators are, you need to be able to correctly communicate them .

Hot 5 Bad Headlines

Fifth place: “Why 129 companies are already working with us” (the least scary option, at least there is specifics here)

Fourth place: “Why choose us”

Third place: “Why us” (but really, why you?)

Second place: “Our advantages” (whose, whose? Yours or is it mine?)

The first (and my favorite) place: “About us”

Oh, this is a beautiful and vague, meaningless “About us”. So it pulls, irresistibly, unaccountably … rather to flip through. Is not it?

And it’s not that these headlines are bad. They were not always bad. Once they even worked effectively.

But not now. When you come across such a headline from time to time, on every second page, it is not only tiring or annoying, but, which is much worse, does not cause any emotions at all.

Because we have already seen this. Because under the typical heading, the benefits will be “general”. Unremarkable and faded.

Fig. 1 How NOT to do it. Unsuccessful both from the point of view of design and from the point of view of copyright, the block “Advantages”

Use it wisely! While the block with benefits is important, it usually goes in the second third of the landing page, i.e. almost at the very end. The visitor scans the page, gradually losing attention. A correctly designed block will allow him to “turn on” in reading again, to see how your company compares favorably with others. “Finish off” the arguments of the “warm” ones, or force a “cooler” audience to carefully read the sentence again.

So what’s the secret?

There are two components to a successful block design:

  • Tenacious and clear headline
  • Competent and capacious disclosure of benefits

So the title:

  1. Contains specifics (preferably in numbers )
  2. Speaks about the final benefits of the visitor (directly) or the benefits of the product (indirectly)

* Important! The use of possessive pronouns such as (us, our, our, we) should be rare and / or reasonable.
Absolutely unacceptable: general (stable) expressions and monosyllabic, vague phrases.

Don’t be afraid to work with text. The rule of short landing titles isn’t all that hard. The main thing is to present the thought correctly.

Apply affirmative sentences:

  • More than 6,000 clients on a permanent basis;
  • We connected 18 cell towers in 2014;
  • Already 183 franchised offices in 21 cities of Russia.

 Or headings in the form of a question:

  • Why only 13% of companies use all 6 active selling tools?
  • Why are 117 companies that have turned to us for repairs no longer worried about ..?
  • Why doors of the company “Romashka” serve more than 15 years?
  • Why do 90% of log cabins have problems in the first year, and only 10% are more than 50 years old?
  • How will the sales of your company double in 4 weeks?


With the packaging, everything is more or less clear, let’s move on to the advantages.

Basically, the problems are the same:

  1. Vague wording.
  2. Unworked, “dry” phrases that do not distinguish you from two dozen similar firms. No “tidbits”? Beat existing positions with wording.

TOP 5 benefits that will negate all your efforts:

  • – control at every stage of the project (incomprehensible and boring)
  • – high quality of goods (who determines this?)
  • – professional employees (also an advantage for me)
  • – the optimal offer (and where is the confirmation? With whom do we compare?)
  • – ideal price / quality ratio (no specifics)
  • – verified suppliers (doubtful, again because there is no specifics)

Why doesn’t it work? Because these are not advantages, but characteristics. Characteristics of a product or a company, which, without confirmation, are only properties that the client implies in the company by default. If only because all your competitors have them. Yes Yes. Absolutely everyone.

How do you turn properties into benefits?

  • – Use specifics in numbers
  • – Give confirmation to your words
  • – And again, at each point, talk about the client’s ultimate benefit


  • – not “experienced employees”, but “Masters trained at the equipment manufacturing plant”;
  • – not “fair prices”, but “we are accountable for each screw”;
  • – not “convenient delivery”, but “300 points of delivery throughout Moscow”;
  • – not a “quick installation”, but “we will install in 2 hours and remove everything” to a speck of dust “;
  • – not “directly from the manufacturer”, but “Prices are 15% lower than market prices due to our own production”;


A well-formed block of advantages = an attention-grabbing title + characteristics of a product or company that are “useful” for your client, confirmed by statistics.

Correctly conveying the benefits to the visitor is already half the work.
As you may have guessed, these tips are not only relevant to a specific block. Apply these rules to other elements of your landing page as well. Think carefully about what you want to say to your audience in the end. And of course, don’t forget about the specifics of your niche.

Conversion landing pages and catchy headlines for you!

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