LSI copywriting: 6 best practices for writing LSI Content

We have all heard about Baden-Baden, it has been functioning for a year now. Now the texts need to be written for people with synonymous keyword phrases. Everything seems easy, but when it comes to a copywriting brief, questions arise: where to find these lsi copywriting phrases and synonyms? how many synonyms should there be? how many lsi phrases should there be? how to choose them correctly?

In simple words, what are LSI words or phrases – these are words and phrases that set the subject of our key request and are most often used together with it in the text.

Let’s move on to a small instruction:

Search and selection of words for lsi-copywriting

Everything is the same as before, we need a key request – we take it from the semantic core. 

And then we need to select frequently mentioned words and phrases with this keyword. Where to get them?

Tips and Tricks

We enter a query into a search engine, look at tips and recommendations – write out

  • Step. 1 Hints
  • Step. 2 Google recommendations

The process becomes laborious if you collect LSI words at once for a large number of queries; in these cases, services with hints and recommendations parsers help.

Yandex Wordstat

We look at the right column, write out what was not included in the tips and recommendations

After we have written out all the words that could be both synonyms and lsi phrases from tips, recommendations and wordstat, we need to understand which ones should be used and which ones to get rid of.

Selecting and cleaning the found lsi words

First, you need to clear the words according to 2 criteria:

  1. By the meaning . Example: in Figure 2 we see that there are phrases that do not meet the main query of our page “Basketball shoes”, namely, volleyball shoes, basketballs, we remove them.
  2. By regionality and geo-dependence. 

After we have cleared the list by 2 simple criteria, competitors will also help us to understand which words fit the meaning.

We analyze the texts of competitors from the top 20

To begin with, we look at our KZ and determine whether it is commercial or informational, in our case it is rather general, but most often it is assumed that the user is going to buy “basketball shoes”.

Therefore, if the request is commercial, we are looking for selling pages and cards of competitors’ products, if informational, then we pay attention only to blog pages and pages that are of an informational nature.

The point of word selection is to understand how often the same words or phrases appear on different pages in the top 20 for a given CV. 

The easiest way to implement this plan is using text analyzers. For example, the well-known texture.

Algorithm for selecting LSI words from texts on competitors’ pages

  1. Opening all commercial pages in the browser
  2. Copy text from them and paste into the text analyzer
  3. We look at which words are found most often (Fig. 4 and from groups and simply by frequency)
  4. We write out phrases and the number of repetitions

Phrases and words that are most often repeated with our query “basketball shoes” on the pages of competitors and phrases from tips and wordstat, and there are those that we were looking for, in another way they are sometimes called “phrases setting topics.”

Now it remains just to compare which words and phrases are most often repeated and use them in the text.

Now to the specifics and numbers

The main criterion for compiling a text is its readability and adequacy

Therefore, it is worth choosing not a seo copywriter, but a more advanced specialist.

Recommended characteristics for creating lsi text:

  • Use KZ, synonyms, and lsi phrases in h1-h6 headings, title and description.
  • Use KZ at the beginning of the text 1-2 times, then word forms and synonyms, depending on the number of lsi phrases found.
  • Use bulleted and numbered lists
  • Select the text length based on the number of words found by LSI. For 1000 unique words you need 100lsi words, you can do more: 100-150, the main thing is not to overdo it.
  • Water content – 25-35%. Try to avoid words that do not carry a semantic load.
  • Nausea 4-5% for 3000 signs. Try to get rid of frequent repetitions of KZ in the text, use synonyms


Correctly composed LSI texts will bring tangible advantages to your site:

  1. Firstly, the texts will help get rid of Baden-Baden or not fall under other Yandex and Google sanctions related to copywriting.
  2. Secondly, if you follow the above criteria for writing texts, the texts will become adequate and readable, which will lead to an improvement in behavioral ranking factors.

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