12# Neuro Sales is real: The case of my frog bank and first sales

Little background of myself

I grew up in the center of Barcelona early in my carreer, ​​from El Raval to El Born then the last years in Poblenou. Today the El Borne neighborhood is known as a fashionable place and a must-see, but during my childhood it was not so idyllic. I would have preferred to cycle through a town or run freely through the countryside, but since I had to stay at home I used to make up stories.

When I was 6 years old, I started a store in my bedroom. I spent several hours preparing everything and went downstairs to ring the bell with contained emotion. My grandparents lived in the same building and neither my sister nor my cousins ​​had been born yet, so I was quite a spoiled child at home.

When the door opened I pulled my grandfather’s hand and said: “You have to go up to see my store, you are going to love it.”

He had prepared posters advertising the store and had drawings displayed around the room to adorn it. When my grandfather came in, he calmly inspected my dolls on the furniture.

I was quiet and followed him like a shadow. Suddenly he stopped and pointed a finger at a ceramic object.

-Come on, what a beautiful frog.

– Right? It is very very pretty.

-I do not know, I do not know. What’s so special about it? Sell ​​it to me.

It was not the first time that my grandfather put me to the test. I keep recordings of home videos where I appear with 5 years playing to create invented contests. The successes added up to pesetas and the errors subtracted them (1 Spanish peseta today would be 0.006 dollar cents).

I took the frog in my hands and after thinking about it I said:

-It is very special because it is not only a frog, it is a piggy bank! In addition, he is very big and wears a hat. And when you get tired of playing with it, you can keep your money inside. And it also makes a room beautiful. I have always had it and I love it. And besides … it’s my favorite … Oh, wait, I don’t know if I want to sell it anymore.

My grandfather smiled and said, “How much do you want for her?”

I would be lying if I said that I remember what I asked him for and what he gave me, but it was much more than I expected. I pretended to take a couple of pesetas with me as we always did when we played, but I have the vague memory of a huge 500 coin.

When he took my frog I started crying and later I went down to his house asking him to give it back to me. He said no because he had already found a good place for her. “A sale is a sale.”

What tools did I use to sell?

  • I made my store easy to find (with the posters).
  • I took care of the visual part (with my drawings).
  • I communicated what it was like (I described its characteristics).
  • I communicated what it was for (I spoke of its advantages and benefits).
  • I told my relationship with the product (storytelling – “my favorite”).

But above all, I BELIEVED in the product myself. That was the key to the sale. As I was arguing why I should buy it, I realized how valuable it was.

Do you remember that in the previous chapter I told you about the “believers” according to Kiyosaki? Well, burn this to yourself.

The first believer in your business should be YOU.

And if you sell someone else’s product (through affiliation or distribution networks), you better also be a believer in the brand you work for. Otherwise, you will become a bad salesperson and you will not be able to captivate. That is, keep that potential client by your side over time.

By the way, I recently found my frog-piggy bank at my grandfather’s house and we were remembering the magical moment of my first sale. If you are curious to see it, follow me on Instagram (my account is @gabrielemusumecis) and look for it among the publications of October 2019.

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