How will work when Elon Musk will make possible

Did you know that advertisement on space offered by Elon Musk will not be visible frm earth?

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has partnered with Canadian startup Geometric Energy Corporation. In 2022, they plan to start broadcasting ads on the CubeSat satellite, writes Business Insider. The device is currently in development.

On the one hand, the satellite will have a built-in display for broadcasting advertisements. With the help of several special tokens responsible for displaying pixels along the axes, their brightness, color and display duration, the picture will be displayed on the screen.

Since the CubeSat is small, you won’t be able to see ads from Earth. Therefore, a selfie stick with a camera will be installed on the satellite. It will be directed to the display and will be able to capture and display live screen images on YouTube and Twitch.

The head of Geometric Energy Corporation plans to make the advertising satellite screen look like  Reddit Place  – a virtual canvas with a size of a million pixels, in which any user could change the color of one point.

Anyone can buy advertising in space – from any interested specialist to a large company. It will be possible to pay for this service with Ethereum cryptocurrency, and after a while Dogcoin will also be connected. According to a Geometric Energy Corporation representative, such a payment format will make space services more affordable.

The CubeSat satellite is planned to be delivered into orbit on a Falcon 9 launch vehicle. The launch is scheduled for early 2022.

The companies have previously announced plans to launch a billboard into orbit. Geometric Energy Corporation planned to charge about $ 1 billion a month for broadcasting ads, which will be visible from Earth, which costs less than advertising during football matches or Formula 1 competitions, the company noted.

In Russia, Avant Space spoke about providing such services for advertisers . The company uses a different technology – it is placing a group of microsatellites in Earth orbit, which are equipped with a laser system for projecting images in the night sky. As a result, the advertisement looks like a real constellation.

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