1# Why I invested 100% on Neurocopywriting and how is paying me off

At age 10 I wanted to be a neurosurgeon. A cousin of my grandfather gave me her 8 volumes of Bourgery’s Atlas of Human Anatomy. Excited, I spent hours looking at the illustrations, memorizing the areas of the brain as if they were going to examine me the next day.

The truth? I didn’t want to be a doctor. What he called me was an idea that he would have heard in a movie or TV show: “We only use 10% of our brain potential.

Now I know that’s not true, but at 15 I was so obsessed with that premise that I wrote a novel about a crazy scientist.

I was looking for answers in philosophy, in sociology, in psychology…

Literally chasing the brain functions soon became an obsession. Slowly getting toward neurocopywriting

The invented Dr. Emmanuel Percival, after years of research, managed to activate the “sleeping” parts of the brain and ended up creating alternative realities with his power. An freak intense, just like the writer here.

I’m telling you this because I never imagined ending up joining my two passions, words and my brain.

In the end I was trained in Hispanic Philology, Advertising and Journalism, so I have little as a neurosurgeon, but now you will see that everything makes sense.

During my studies abroad I chose a class called Neurolinguistics. I was not 100% satisfied by that subject.

I suppose that I got carried away by nostalgia for that old atlas, since it was a difficult subject to validate and that I had to take for pure pleasure.

There I learned many things, but I stayed with two mainly:

  1. the processes of assimilation of language
  2. and the importance of the right words when communicating.

So when I went freelance and started selling my writing and copywriting services in my early career back in 2017 (even before creating Writeless, S.L.), my goal was to reach the brain behind the reader.

I had already read similar concepts when studying advertising and persuasive language (with authors I admire, such as Carlos Luna Calvo and Robert Cialdini), but it gained even more force when I began to research neuromarketing through Gerald Zaltman, Jürgen Klaric, Clotaire Rapaille , Patrick Renvoise or Néstor Braidot.

In Jürgen I found a teacher who gave meaning to my training as a copywriter. It was the starting point for studying more about evolutionary and social psychology.

I wanted to apply sales techniques to digital language and ended up falling even more in love with my job. This article and the further ones are not intended to lecture, but to teach and advance.

My greatest satisfaction is being able to share 5 years of experience with you through these pages so that you become aware of all that words can do for you.

Shall we start? And here the neurocopywriting it comes

Studying all these years has been like a Puzzle Building.

In order, soon I went deeper and deeper on my favorite subjects like:

  • Marketing;
  • Copywriting;
  • Content Marketing and corporate content management;
  • Neuro Biology (Structogram ®);
  • NeuroMarketing;

All together, is exactly what now we call Neurocopywriting.

This is the result of years, months one after another one with consistency and perseverance in studying, practice, taking successes and losses as well, learn, start all over again.

How I am actually using right now neurocopywriting and how is it paying me off

Today, in Writeless, as a 360˚ content marketing agency we are able not only to outsource copywriting services either a SMM membership service.

We are able to really manage content in an efficient way.

Copywriting skills allow us to create content and text pieces that accomplish their goals in each customer journey’s phase.

And all the competences we have in terms of how the actual human brain works, processes informations, reacts to things gifts us just the best thing ever we could ever get:

Neurocopywriting, as the result of all the mentioned areas allows us to see the big pitciure.

The picture is the singular most important thing when it comes to working on a marketing plan.

It’s not only about writing down the best headline, the best landing page’s copy.

It’s rather much more about everything you need to make all the machine run as fast as possible.

Case Study: the worthiest thing we accomplished with neurocopywriting

I’d like to show you this personal case study to be practical with you.

Do you know who’s Paolo Cattin? Is the founder and owner of the most prestigious Museum of Rolex Daytona in gold born with strap instead bracelets.

We could have done a simple site to promote his “collection”.

We could have done the standard.

No. We added value working on books that in first place – since they talk about watches investment – have created such an authority perception in Paolo Cattin figure in the industry of luxury watches.

Then we created an editorial plan composed by a lot of paper material that talk about the museum collection only.

Some information, they worth so much that we don’t even publish them on social media, because they’re exclusive. We want to make sure will be read by right people and first off, motivated enough to attribute value and appreciation content we created.

The museum is not on sale. But currently, after all the operations we moved, the total value is minimum 5 times higher than it was before by taking the summa of every single timepiece.


And we were already talking about tens of millions. Imagine now where we are.

Hey, I hope this helped you out by just sharing my personal experience in this new wonderful world.

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